About Chumphon Polytechnic College

Chumphon Polytechnic College was established after a distructive storm "typhoon Gay" on November 4, 1889. It made a lot of damages both lives and properties, lot of people suffered from lack of food, houses, and occupations. Department of Vocational Education wanted then to institute Chumphon Polytechnic College, which was ideated by Chamroon Kietmongkhon, director of Chumphon Primary School who gave permission to use land, space and buildings of Ban Khao Tha-lom School. The final financial amount to set up the college was of 32,831,600 baht. Department of Vocational Education provided 2 plots of land for establishing the college. The first plot for school building,is large 4 acres. The second plot for school apartment, is large 10 acres and it is Located on 9 Wangphai subdistrict.

Chuphon Polytechnic College is situated outside of Chumphon city in Thailand. Chumphon is one of the most accessible cities in the country. The College encourages enjoyment, collectivism and hard-work conform to the national attitude; all qualities which will help you cope successfully with life after college. Our aim is to make learning as stimulating and enjoyable an experience as possible, related to your abilities, attitudes and needs. We offer a range of Full-time courses and short-term courses which are listed on Courses Page on this website

The College invests a certain amount of money every year on refurbishing and developing a unique learning environment for all present and future students. The development of a study centre situated within the College buildings will allow students to study in a friendly environment, have access to wireless study areas and enjoy studying and collaborate with friends. Extensive and increasing computing and communications technology facilities make the College one of the best vocational in the area , with over 40 stand-alone and networked computers in the lab room and 15 in the library room.