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At Chumphon Polytechnic College we believe that everyone has the right to an affordable quality education. We are committed to delivering affordable quality education, and we are proud of the diversity and achievements of our students, alumni and staff. We put our students at the centre of all we do. We offer a great place to study. We stand out because we offer courses of quality, socially interesting enviroment, which will help launch your career.We are committed to transforming lives, meeting needs and building careers. Our teachers are passionate about helping and teaching you. In 2006 Chumphon Polytechnic College was Royal Awarded. Courses are designed and updated to be directly relevant to the current employment market. From 2012 the school offers English Programme to keep the quality updated to the market requirements. As a student, we can help you find placements and work experience opportunities across a wide variety of places. Conform to the national standard we want you to develop a collectivism attitude.